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Add Link pages and their Advantages.

Add link pages are one of the best methods of exchanging links on the internet. Link building and link popularity are necessary for improving the page rank of a website. . Link popularity, which refers to the amount of text links that lead to your website from other sites, is a very important web marketing tool because of the huge impact that it makes on any web page's search engine ranking and Pagerank. Just go to any of the search engines and enter the word add link or add url and look at the number of searh results that come up. By exchanging links of your website with the other website, you can also improve your search engine ranking. Your next question is whether you can also create one of these add link pages. Ofcourse you can. There are many software readily available, some of them free through which you can create your own add link page on your website. Such links created through these add link pages when you exchange your links with other websites are called reciprocal links.

There are also one way links which improve your page rank and are considered better than having reciprocal links. You can create one way links by writing articles on blogs as well as through press releases. If you are good at writing articles or you feel you have created something very important that the press might carry, you can come out with press releases and there by create one way links to your website, which are given more importance by search engines than reciprocal links created on add link pages. The larger the number of links to your site the more popular will your site be.

Link Popularity Leads To Traffic Generation: A link to your web site on any other site's add link page on the internet acts as an advertisement for people to come and peek into your site and this is what a lot of users actually do! Therefore, any website that has a large number of links which are created with these add link pages from related websites pointing to it automatically get an increased flow of relevant traffic. Since most reputable websites will be ready to add a link or place your link on their website for free if you place their link on your website, link building is almost equivalent to free advertising. Links to your site is one of the things that Googlebot looks for to decide how important your site is and therefore its ranking. Not all links that are on an add link or add url page have an equal value. What determines the value of the link is its relevancy to the add link page it is linked to. The more relevant the page is the greater the value of the link. If not just the add link page, but the whole site is relevant the link is even more valuable. In other words if possible try to exchange links in the add link page of a relevant website or atleast in the relevant category. You can also choose the categories of websites with whom you wish to add links. For example, if you have a business, you could search for relevant websites by using the words business add link or if you are selling something you could search for shopping add link or if yours is a travel related website, you can search for travel add link, if it is educational you could search for education add link or health add link or real estate add link or games add link or sports add link or automotive add link or cars add link or automotive parts add link as the case may be, so that you can find sites that are relevant to yours, to add your links to the other website. You can also search the following format to find add link pages, before submitting your website to the link directory, please make sure you have created a reciprocal link to this site. for example, you may put the following code into your html (please look closely at the href part, your link should point to this exact url, this also helps in finding add link pages.

The next most important thing to be done while exchanging links on the add links pages of websites is the anchor text that you should choose. Do some research on the keywords that people would search for in the category of your website and use those keywords as your anchor text while exchanging links on the add link pages. Try to optimise your anchor text to your best in the add link pages.

Most major search engines now factor Link Popularity into their relevancy algorithms. As a result, increasing the number of quality, relevant sites which link to your site's add link page may actually improve your search engine's ranking. This is not a definite way or there is no gaurantee that your websites page rank and search engine ranking would improve if you exchanged links through add link pages of this site or any other site, there is still no one "secret trick" which I know to getting good rankings, but reciprocal link exchange may improve your sites ranking. Good luck with your link exchange through the pages of add link.



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